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Commentary on the Catholic Douay-Rheims New Testament Exegeted from the Original Greek and Latin - Volume 1 - Gospels of Sts. Mark, Matthew, & John (PDF Download)

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Made in the tradition of Robert Sungenis' other biblical commentaries, you now have Volume 1 of the four-volume commentary series on the Douay-Rheims New Testament. In its 760 pages you have one of the most thoroughly exegeted commentaries ever brought to the Catholic market. With deep analysis of the original Greek, and important references to the Vulgate Latin, Robert has brought out things in the Gospels that you will not find in any New Testament commentary, Catholic or Protestant. Each verse is interpreted from the grammatical-historical methodology (that is, the original Greek grammar, and the fact that everything we read in the gospels is actual history written by the four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). In addition to the thorough analysis of the text, Robert has included over 250 paintings and images to enhance your emotional and intellectual encounter with Jesus and his apostles--paintings from the masters like Michelangelo, DaVinci, Rembrandt, and Rubens, to artists you've never heard of before but paint almost as good as the masters. The commentary also includes hundreds of cross-references to other biblical passages; title separations between the stories for easier reading; introductions to each gospel book; critical Greek texts that show the veracity or doubt in the original Greek manuscripts; references and translations to Hebrew texts that are quoted in the New Testament; quotes and ideas from the Church Fathers and medieval theologians; references to Catholic catechisms; papal statements and conciliar decrees; apologetics arguments against anti-Catholic denominations. There is simply nothing like it on the market--a keepsake for decades to come that you can pass on to your children.


"Thank you for putting all of the time and effort into the project, I truly think your commentaries are the best I’ve ever read." - Wesley Hunt

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