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Commentary on the Catholic Douay-Rheims New Testament Exegeted from the Original Greek and Latin - Volume 3 - Romans to First Timothy by Robert Sungenis (Hardcover & PDF)

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For the first time in Catholic history, the New Testament is conservatively exegeted from the original Greek in a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the grammar and etymology, in addition to an occasional analysis of the Vulgate's Latin translation, and an analysis of the English used in the Douay-Rheims translation, as well as many other English translations for comparison. Every verse is interpreted from the grammar and context of the passage, and key official magisterial documents are included when appropriate, as well as quotes or references from Fathers and medievals, as well as catechisms, encyclopedias other dogmatic sources. The exegesis follows the grammatical-historical methodology with occasional addition from typology and symbolism, especially in prophetic passages. Included is an analysis of the Greek textual-critical data, especially when that data influences the exegesis of the passage due to differences in the Greek textual tradition. Added to each verse are numerous cross-references to other scriptures that relate directly to the verse in question. All in all, the Commentary gives the most cross-references of any Catholic Bible in history. The Commentary takes the traditional Catholic position that all Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is completely inerrant in its history as well as its soteriology. Added to the Commentary are numerous paintings from the Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and other artistic movements, as well as an assortment of biblical images, each of which will enhance the reader's interest in the biblical text. All in all, there are approximately 1000 biblical paintings of the most famous artworks in history in the three volumes, many in full-length exposure. This is a truly one-of-a-kind bible commentary that will serve as an enduring study source and heirloom for many years to come. The Commentary comes in three volumes and each volume is approximately 700 pages long, on a 6" x 9" hardback frame for easy handling.


"Thank you for putting all of the time and effort into the project, I truly think your commentaries are the best I’ve ever read." - Wesley Hunt

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