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Why There Will Not Be a Mass Conversion of the Jews: A Critique of: “If You Believed Moses” (PDF)

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Since I came back to the Catholic Church and not having been

properly catechized before my time as an atheist, it was quite a

challenge to find a reliable teacher and defender of the Catholic

faith in the mid-2000s. That changed when I discovered the

work of Robert Sungenis and Catholic Apologetics

International. Dr. Sungenis tackled many of the confusing

issues that other popular Catholic authors and apologists did

not, for whatever reasons. Some of the most controversial

topics of those days, and in many ways still linger today,

perhaps even more so, is the issue of the status of the Old

Covenant, and the confusing opinions of modern theologians

at odds with the classical Catholic view of supersessionism, as

well as the idea of the mass conversion of the Jews during the

end times. You would think that a traditional author, formed in

the ways of classical theology, such as Father Mawdsley, would

be on the same page as this book you now have before you, but

he isn't. Let Robert Sungenis show us how the Jews play a part

in the whole story of salvation, not just the end times.

Laurence Gonzaga, MA

Adjunct Professor of Child Development and Psychology

Chaffey College, Californi

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